Opening The Gateway 2022 The Margin Dataviz

I created an interactive scrollytelling map that showed the geography of the Skagit River from the sea to the dams the story centered on.

We Glow In The Dark 2022 The Margin Dataviz

I created an interactive map that overlaid historic redlining maps with the locations of the story's subjects and the toxic Defense Depot.

Querdenken Everything 2022 LongLead Dataviz

I helped gather and visualize data to tell the story of extremists gathering in Telegram chats.

The Depths She'll Reach 2021 LongLead Developer

I worked with LongLead as an interactive producer and supporting developer to bring this award-winning story to life.
I worked with reporter George Joseph to visualize the network and clusters of NYPD officers accused of misconduct using previously unreleased CCRB data.

COVIDcast 2020 Carnegie Mellon University Designer, developer

I contributed to the team that built early prototypes of Carnegie Melon's COVIDCast tool which was used to visualize early indicators of the disease in the beginning of the pandemic.

David Byler’s Interactive Election Simulator 2020 Washington Post Lead Developer

I worked with David Byler and the Washington Post Engineering Team to create an interactive simulation that let a user tweak predictions for the 2020 presidential election.
I worked with NBC News reporter Ben Collins to analyze leaked data from Andrew Yang's Discord chat that showed anti-semitic and racist messages in the group.

2018 Midterm Election Big Board 2018 NBC News & MSNBC Lead Developer

I spearheaded an internal effort to develop new D3-powered mapping software used for visualizing election maps and results live, through a touchscreen app wielded by Steve Kornacki known as the "Big Board".
I worked with NBC News Reporter Ben Popken to analyze and visualize over 200k tweets sent by known Russian trolls during the 2016 election.

Post Bail 2017 NBC News Special Designer

Trump’s First 100 Days 2017 NBC News Special Graphics editor, designer

How Trump Won 2016 NBC News Special Graphics editor, designer

Newsroom Dataviz Styleguide 2015 Vocativ Designer, creator 2012 Open Source Designer

Stop SOPA 2012 Freelance Creator, designer

Land Mass by Country 2011 Freelance Creator, designer

Visualizing Alcohol Use 2011 Freelance Creator, designer

Inequality in America 2011 Freelance Creator, designer

A History of BitTorrent 2011 Freelance Creator, designer

$1 Salary CEO Club 2011 Freelance Creator, designer

Bank Failures in America 2011 Freelance Creator, designer