December 27, 2023
Hacker Culture
In which we illuminate the curious history of hackerdom and its transformative influence on our modern technological world
September 09, 2023
New York 👉 Maine
In which the author drives his motorcycle through MA, NH, VT, and ME and takes some photos in the process
August 09, 2023
Why I love Obsidian for organizing my notes and blog posts
In which the author's adoration for Obsidian is revealed, celebrating its versatility, customizability, and ingenuity in organizing the written word
April 10, 2023
In which the author proudly presents his new venture: Room 302 Studio, an eclectic gathering of talent devoted to fostering joy-driven development
March 16, 2023
Film Development
In which we use light and chemicals to make images appear, if we are lucky
January 11, 2023
Camera Setup
In which the author itemizes the cameras he uses to make photographs
January 06, 2023
In which we make a list of the times I have livestreamed