May 21, 2023New York 👉 Maine
117 photos
In which the author drives his motorcycle through MA, NH, VT, and ME and takes some photos in the process
November 14, 2022Election Night 2018
8 min read5 photos
Around 1AM I saw a note in Slack that said, very simply, that there were bacon pancakes in studio 3B. Studio 3B had been accurately described to me as “that costco looking studio” and it held a makeshift control room. Screens were stacked at the front, different desks decked out with multiple monitors encompassing the director’s desk.
May 17, 2021The Lack of Data
3 min read
An exploration of what we choose to track, and what we don't – and what that means if we want to make the world a better place
September 21, 2019NYC’s Climate March
13 photos
In which the youths march through the street with extremely clever signs since they are too young to riot
August 18, 2019Linocut printing for a bright future
11 min read3 photos
In which the author explains his reasoning for exploring analog methods of distributing information with ink and linoleum, and provides a guide on how to do so yourself if so inclined
June 14, 2019Taking things for granted
2 min read
In which the author attempts to dissuade you from the belief things will always be the way they are now
June 13, 2019Movies to Watch
2 min read
In which the author divulges a shameful secret
June 12, 2019Step Zero
2 min read
In which the author makes the case for the merits of a certain approach to preparation
December 02, 2016Video Mixes
2 min read
I've always really loved visuals combined with music or audio that can set a tone or a mood really powerfully. They seem to combine into something bigger. I fell in love with ODDSAC the Animal Collective / Danny Perez film, as well as stuff like Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers and MTV's Liquid Television, which is the source of one of the first video samples I ever used in 2011.