Video Mixes

I've always really loved visuals combined with music or audio that can set a tone or a mood really powerfully. They seem to combine into something bigger. I fell in love with ODDSAC the Animal Collective / Danny Perez film, as well as stuff like Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers and MTV's Liquid Television, which is the source of one of the first video samples I ever used in 2011.

These are some of my experiments in combining audio and visuals. Most are DJ mixes with visuals thrown together afterwards to set a vibe in the background, while Aerial, M88 and Shadow Garden are visual albums carefully made with original visuals and music weaved together.

Shadow Garden

December 2016

Shadow Garden is a visual album with all original music. It is a combination of some found footage, original photos, original 3D renders from Cinema4D, visual effects from CoGe, custom motion graphics from After Effects, and some experiments in audio visualization.


December 2015


September 2014

M88 was my first attempt at a visual album combining original songs and found footage combined with original motion graphics and visual effects. The album was recorded live in one take (you can me performing a drum beat around the 1:45 mark) and the visuals added afterwards.


February 2014

I'm In This

May 2014


November 2013


September 2013