Hong Kong Protest Techniques

In which the citizens of Hong Kong find new creative ways to improve on public disobedience
  • Traffic cones - to help contain tear gas cannisters
  • Suitcases (as defenses)
  • Water bottles
  • Laser pointers
  • Breaking bricks
  • Using slingshots
  • Transporting divider fencing
  • Extinguishing tear gas with traffic cones and metal bowls
  • Makeshift armor: saran wrap, garbage can lids, luggage = shields
  • Organization - human supply chain lines
  • Hand signals for when supplies are needed
  • Parting crowds for ambulances
  • Anonymous, leaderless
  • Airdrop and signal/telegram chats for organization
  • “Be like water” move quickly instead of occupying a single location
  • Using trains and public transit to move quickly
  • Hiding identity through laser pointers and spray paint aimed at security cameras
  • Single-use transit tickets for untracked public transit