December 28, 2022
In which the author tries to put good food in his body
December 23, 2022
Making Space to Make Dope Shit
In which the author talks through his DIY art studio setup, and encourages you tou create your own
December 05, 2022
Coach Artie Webhooks Cron And Advanced Reflection
Artie's stepping up his game—now he can read whole repos and handle files like a pro
December 05, 2022
Electology Vision
See behind the scenes of election night coverage with Electology, the new tool transforming live data analysis.
December 05, 2022
My Modern Scrapbook
In which the author builds tools and systems to sort through all of the flotsam and jetsam of learning about things through the internet
December 05, 2022
Photoblog With Cloudinary Nuxt
In which we use Cloudinary both as a host and CMS to show photos that we took to our friends
November 20, 2022
Garment Dying Experiments
In which we take cloth of one color and make it another
November 14, 2022
Election Night 2018
Around 1AM I saw a note in Slack that said, very simply, that there were bacon pancakes in studio 3B. Studio 3B had been accurately described to me as “that costco looking studio” and it held a makeshift control room. Screens were stacked at the front, different desks decked out with multiple monitors encompassing the director’s desk.
November 14, 2022
How To Run A Project
In which the author outlines his favorite systems and frameworks for organizing a team around a project
November 03, 2022
Joy Driven Development
In which we use joy and curiosity as fuel to propel us forward
November 03, 2022
My VSCode setup and favorite plugins
In which we modify our tools to more precisely fit our intentions
November 02, 2022
8pm To Midnight Mixes
In which we use data to explore the ⚡️vibes✨ in a sequence of hand-selected playlists created by the author
November 02, 2022
Experiments with Live Looping
In which we delve into the artistry of live looping, illuminating the core concepts and essential gear that enable musicians to create immersive soundscapes on the fly
November 02, 2022
2022 Toolkit for Prototyping
CSV, JSON, Datasette, Observable, QGIS, Nuxt, Vue, D3, Tachyons, Supabase
November 02, 2022
How I Use Gpt3
In which we learn to perform the magic of conversing with a super-intelligent computer