Hello, I'm EJ Fox

I love doing data visualization. I'm always looking to tell stories that benefit from the insight dataviz offers. I do both static and interactive pieces, though my passion is in working with big datasets & creating new methods of interacting with data using D3.

I am currently available for freelance infographic design, working with clients to explain and visualize stories and datasets with novel & beautiful visualizations.

I explore new ground with my brilliant colleagues at Mainstem Collective.

I've done infographics on subjects like super-PACs, US prisons, inequality in America, SOPA, and alcohol use, among others .

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What I do

I've been influenced by visionaries like Ira Glass and Bret Victor, who push the boundaries of their mediums and storytelling. I want to help find the place for dataviz in long-form exploratory journalism, telling stories that both entertain and expose truth about the world we live in.

For me, this has meant moving from static graphics made in Illustrator to interactive data visualization on the web. Using open web technologies like D3, SVG, HTML, CSS, and jQuery the future of infographics is exciting.