Hello, I'm EJ Fox

I love doing data visualization. I'm always looking to tell stories that benefit from the insight dataviz offers. I do both static and interactive pieces, though my passion is in working with big datasets & creating new methods of interacting with data using D3.

I tell interesting and important stories with data as a Graphics & Interactive Editor at Vocativ.

I experiment with custom tools and new ways to interact and visualize data with my brilliant colleagues at Mainstem Collective.

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A ever-growing quest to combine a variety of mediums into a responsive magazine-style format for the web. Combining text, photos, audio from SoundCloud, maps using Leaflet.js, and videos from Vimeo.
See a demo here.

Vulpes Boilerplate

This is the (open-sourced) starting point for most of what I do on the web. It includes what I believe to be the essential building blocks (a combination of Coffeescript and CSS).