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  • How 'The Matrix' Built a Bullet-Proof Legacy | WIRED

  • How to Hack Open Hotel, Airplane & Coffee Shop Wi-Fi with MAC Address Spoofing « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

  • US grid maps

    dataviz d3 bl.ock
  • Avery Trufelman on Twitter

    I want a podcast app that functions like a radio dial. So you can fish around and scan through programs and discover podcasts by listening to their actual audio rather than judging them by name and host and art. Someone please take this idea.

  • Basic usage of tidycensus

    Getting variables from the Census or ACS requires knowing the variable ID - and there are thousands of these IDs across the different Census files. To rapidly search for variables, use the load_variables function.

    data R
  • Comparing regression and classification on US elections data with TensorFlow Estimators

    elections machinelearning
  • Stream cipher

    In a synchronous stream cipher, the sender and receiver must be exactly in step for decryption to be successful. If digits are added or removed from the message during transmission, synchronisation is lost. To restore synchronisation, various offsets can be tried systematically to obtain the correct decryption. Another approach is to tag the ciphertext with markers at regular points in the output.

  • enter-view

    Dependency-free JavaScript library to detect when element enters into view by Russell Goldenberg

  • How to Start Programming Pedal-Pi

    raspberrypi music
  • Massive Forest Restoration Could Greatly Slow Global Warming - Scientific American

    Now the data finally exist to show that if the right species of trees are planted in the right soil types across the planet, the emerging forests could capture 205 gigatons of carbon dioxide in the next 40 to 100 years. That’s two thirds of all the CO2 humans have generated since the industrial revolution. “Forest restoration is by far our most powerful planetary solution today,” says Tom Crowther

  • Working with CSVs on the Command Line

    data cli
  • About | Quantified Mind

    Quantified Mind is a tool that quickly, reliably, and comprehensively measures your basic cognitive abilities. We’ve adapted tests used by psychologists to a practical web application that you can use whenever, wherever, and as often as you want.

    quantifiedself health personal
  • AlexanderWillner/things.sh

    Simple read-only comand-line interface to your Things 3 database

  • Hong Kong Protest Live Updates: Demonstrators Charge Legislature, Attempt to Break Glass Doors

    A distinctive feature of this year’s movement is that it has been somewhat leaderless. Decisions on when, where and how to protest have often been made collectively on social media platforms where users are anonymous and proposed plans are agreed to through “likes” and so-called upvotes.

  • Protesters in Hong Kong Have Changed Their Playbook. Here’s How.

    “Occupying drains a lot of energy,” Dr. Chung said, explaining that protesters can now quickly gather a few thousand people to disrupt government services for short periods of time. This allows them to preserve their energy as well as cause less disruption, which helps with staying on the right side of public opinion, he said.

    protest tactics
  • Schema — JSON Resume

  • Startup idea checklist

  • saebekassebil/teoria: Javascript taught Music Theory

    Teoria.js is a lightweight and fast JavaScript library for music theory, both Jazz and Classical. It aims at providing an intuitive programming interface for music software (such as Sheet Readers, Sheet Writers, MIDI Players etc.).

    generative music
  • Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters. | TechBeacon

    reducing cognitive load for your team means setting interface boundaries.

  • Vue's Darkest Day - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • console.log() Faster with Turbo Console Log

  • browsh-org/browsh

    A fully interactive, realtime, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers

  • markdown-it/markdown-it-footnote: Footnotes plugin for markdown-it markdown parser

    Here is an inline note.^[Inlines notes are easier to write, since you don’t have to pick an identifier and move down to type the note.]

  • @holman does dotfiles

  • syntax highlighting breaks for big file after jump or search

    :set redrawtime=10000 syntax sync fromstart

    cli vim
  • It's dangerous to Vim alone! Take Fzf.

    vim cli
  • How to Section Your HTML

  • Get Startup Funding | Helping founders craft successful VC investment pitch decks

    A curated library of venture capital investment pitch decks.

  • Styler Classic

    Add custom CSS styles, JavaScript & jQuery to any websites

  • Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee

    The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve.

  • GNU Mailman

    Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists. Mailman is integrated with the web, making it easy for users to manage their accounts and for list owners to administer their lists.

  • Information operations on Twitter: principles, process, and disclosure

    Non-peer reviewed research using our public API can often be deeply flawed. We see a lot of commercially-driven and non-peer reviewed research that make sweeping assessments of account behaviors only using public signals, such as location (if cited), account content, how often an account Tweets, and the accounts it follows. To be clear: none of these indicators are sufficient to determine attribution to a state entity definitively. Looking for accounts that look similar to those disclosed as part of our archives is an equally flawed approach, given many of the bad actors mimic legitimate accounts to appear credible. This approach also often wrongly captures legitimate voices who share a particular political viewpoint that one disagrees with.

  • Conquering The Fear Of Doing Nothing – The Drive-By Mentality

    Drive-by photographers are just like those National Geographic photographers that wait for weeks to capture a special moment. We stay ready until the next special encounter. That’s our job: stay ready.

  • Protective alleles

    “Harvard geneticist George Church, famous for his plan to resurrect the woolly mammoth, has been assembling a list of genetic mutations and alterations that could give people longer lives and superhuman powers.”

  • How to test your new NPM module without publishing it every 5 minutes

    node cli
  • Flow (psychology)

    In his chapter “Why Flow Doesn’t Happen on the Job,” Csikszentmihályi argues the first reason that flow does not occur is that the goals of one’s job are not clear. He explains that while some tasks at work may fit into a larger, organization plan, the individual worker may not see where their individual task fits it. Second, limited feedback about one’s work can reduce motivation and leaves the employee unaware of whether or not they did a good job. When there is little communication of feedback, an employee may not be assigned tasks that challenge them or seem important, which could potentially prevent an opportunity for flow.

  • WriteFreely

    WriteFreely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community.

    !breakfree federation
  • Including Markdown Content in a Vue or Nuxt SPA

    javascript vue
  • How Ken Layne Created a Publishing Oasis in a Desert Town of 8,000 People - Pacific Standard

    Layne designs the Oracle all by himself. The ideal is four issues a year, but, as he’s without even an assistant, the pace is a little slower than that. Layne has given himself entirely to the magazine. When we meet, he’s wearing an olive hunting shirt with a Desert Oracle iron-on patch; his license plate reads “D ORACLE.”

    Layne was finally able to revisit the radio show idea this past summer, crafting a 28-minute episode every week (which he says requires about 12 hours of work) and broadcasting it at 10 p.m. on Fridays on a local station in the high desert surrounding Joshua Tree.

  • Lazygit keybindings

  • "Maximizing" a pane in tmux


  • Anki Tips: What I Learned Making 10,000 Flashcards

  • Introduction to Mastodon bots -

  • Laura Werlins Cheese Essentials: An Insider's Guide to Buying and Serving Cheese (with 50 Recipes)

    9781584796275 - Laura Werlin, Maren Caruso

  • NYPL | The origins of the world's mythologies

  • Signifyin'

  • node-pollster

    A thin Node.js wrapper for the Huffington Post Pollster API

  • Global Human Settlement - GHS POPULATION GRID

    This spatial raster dataset depicts the distribution and density of population, expressed as the number of people per cell.

  • World Population Visualization How-to

    data dataviz
  • How do I reload the current file in vim?

    The command you want is :e (short for :edit). If you use :edit! it will discard local changes and reload.

    cli vim
  • Remember the ‘10,000 Hours’ Rule for Success? Forget About It - The New York Times

    Or suppose you aspire to be an inventor. Here specialists and generalists each have their advantages. But the really enviable type is the “polymath,” who possesses deep expertise in one or more core areas but also knows the “adjacent stuff” in dozens of other technological domains. While polymath inventors are less deep than the specialists, they tend to be even broader than the generalists. Schematically, polymaths resemble a T (broad + deep) or even a π (broad + double-deep).

  • Importing data from Google Spreadsheets into a notebook - Observable

    dataviz data
  • Erection Hardness Score

    Developed in 1998, the EHS is a single-item Likert scale that men can use on their own. The tool asks them to consider the question “How would you rate the hardness of your erection?” and select one of the following options:

    • 0 – Penis does not enlarge.
    • 1 – Penis is larger, but not hard.
    • 2 – Penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration.
    • 3 – Penis is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard.
    • 4 – Penis is completely hard and fully rigid.
  • Practical Spaceship Design for Writers

    To make practical spacecraft, lessons from current design’s failures need to be studied. Shape, windows, and manned fighters are the easiest and most pertinent changes to make.

  • The Oyster Wars: A Real Thing That Happened, feat. the Dancing Molly Pirate Posse

    While all of the men had disembarked, the Captain’s wife and two daughters were still aboard the ship. When they saw Cameron’s crew approaching, they tried to yell at the fellas to get back to the boat with no success. None of the men could hear them from ashore. So the women, being resourceful, smart, sailing pirates, pulled up anchor and out-sailed Cameron back to their own waters.

  • Oyster pirate

    By the 1880s the handful of competing oyster companies began consolidating into a single monopoly. Their harvest of a private commodity from a public space, the San Francisco Bay, led to an opportunity for oyster pirates. Pirates raided the oyster beds at night and sold their take in the Oakland markets in the morning. The public disliked the Southern Pacific and the oyster growers, and liked cheap oysters. As a result, the oyster pirates had considerable public sympathy and police were reluctant to take action against them.

  • Links - Gwern.net

  • About me | Devon's Site

  • Backing up your Twitter account with "t"

  • sferik/t: Command-line power tool for Twitter

  • Mastodon API Client for node

    var id; M.post('media', { file: fs.createReadStream('path/to/image.png') }).then(resp => { id = resp.data.id; M.post('statuses', { status: '#selfie', media_ids: [id] }) })

  • Perma.cc | About

    When a user creates a Perma.cc link, Perma.cc archives the referenced content and generates a link to an archived record of the page.

  • jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands

    cli git
  • Facebook

  • Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now

  • Streaming Structured JSON

  • Difference Between Internal and External Release

    Engineering can churn out internal releases at a pace suitable to them and business can make a decision on which release gets to the customer as an external release and when.

  • How to Plan Product Features Using The Kano Model

    Types of features:

    • Basics (nuts & bolts)
    • Performers (speed, storage capacity, etc)
    • Delighters (features that delight)

    Edge case types:

    • Indifference (implemented poorly, not wanted)
    • Reversals (removing a frictional feature, adding by removing)
    product process
  • How to Plan a Product Release

    • What do you hope will happen for the business once the product has been released?
    • By when?
    • How will you measure that success?
    • What is the task the user wants to accomplish?
    • Which user(s)?
    • Why do they want to complete that task?
    • How often will they want to complete that task? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Quarterly? Only once?
    • How valuable will this feature be?

    Start by mapping the story of your product from beginning to end. For example: First the user can login, then the user can invite friends, then the user can visit the news feed.

    product process howto
  • Discretionary Detention

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