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Put the output from any script or program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar
Especial Shadow Commuter Backpack
How To: Create a Professional DJ Booth from IKEA Parts. - DJ TechTools
The desk consists of either one or two EXPEDIT bookcases ($ 69.99) depending on how deep you want it to be
Ten-Fold Difference in Odds of ICE Enforcement Depending Upon Where You Live
This report examines two main enforcement strategies ICE now uses to locate and deport individuals. The first involves "custodial arrests." Here ICE "arrests" individuals whom another law enforcement agency has taken into custody for other reasons. This is simply a transfer of custody from one law enforcement agency to another. The principal program using this approach is known as the Secure Communities (SC) program.
Julian Assange Was Arrested. Journalists Must Defend Him. - The Atlantic
The combination of an ideologically-motivated (rather than financial) whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of the material they give alongside the editorial judgment of major outlets forms the bedrock of public interest journalism. Any attempt to swing the needle against that, or to criminalize it by tying it to hacking on a technicality, threatens quality journalism and threatens the free media. More simply than that, while Julian Assange may deserve punishment for other things he is accused of having done in his life, he does not deserve to be punished for what he published in 2010. Barring some new and major revelation, neither extradition nor prosecution over his work with WikiLeaks is merited.
About This Website - Gwern.net
To the extent I personally have any method for ‘getting started’ on writing something, it’s to pay attention to anytime you find yourself thinking, “how irritating that there’s no good webpage/Wikipedia article on X” or “I wonder if Y” or “has anyone done Z” or “huh, I just realized that A!” or “this is the third time I’ve had to explain this, jeez.”
command line - How do I sort files into a sub-folder based on filename part? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
> mkdir Mustang Impala > mv *Mustang*.jpg Mustang/ > mv *Impala*.jpg Impala/
Silk Road 1: Theory & Practice
crypto security
The cardinal example is the April 2012 scam where a trusted seller took the occasion of a SR-wide sales event (where SR waived its fees) to announce unusually low prices, took in hundreds of large orders totaling thousands of bitcoins (the equivalent of >$50,000) but requiring early finalization, withdrew all funds, and never delivered. A simple enough scam, yet highly effective: as May and other cypherpunks pointed out decades before, one should never entrust a pseudonymous agent with more liquid anonymous cash than its “reputation capital” is worth! One can entrust the agent with less liquid anonymous cash (not enough to burn one’s reputation in exchange for), or one could entrust the agent with more escrowed anonymous cash (so they cannot “rip-and-run”), but not both more and un-escrowed (which is paying them to scam you).
node github cli
all facebook hosts
To Completely Block Facebook add these entries below to your hosts file
Easy Cryptographic Timestamping of Files
cli javascript
Vorpal is Node's first framework for building interactive CLI applications.
Building a Node JS interactive CLI
node cli
Is it possible to backup Firebase DB? - Stack Overflow
As of the time of this question, Firebase backs up all instances daily. So while keeping your own backups may still be useful, it's not essential. To create your own backups, you can simply curl the data: `>curl https://<instance>.firebaseio.com/.json?format=export`
How To Learn Sign Painting (Step-By-Step 2019)
lettering design
Understanding the structure of a Monero transaction
How to Wear Thai Fisherman Pants New Style Tie
US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks
Toyota Hilux pickups, an overseas model similar to the Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Land Cruisers have become fixtures in videos of the ISIS campaign in Iraq, Syria and Libya, with their truck beds loaded with heavy weapons and cabs jammed with terrorists. The Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, Lukman Faily, told ABC News that in addition to re-purposing older trucks, his government believes ISIS has acquired “hundreds” of “brand new” Toyotas in recent years.
Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel?
Trainers. — Ethan Marcotte
Graphic Specimens
dataviz maps
A virtual file cabinet of maps, charts, diagrams, data visualizations and other related curiosities.
Factory Town by Erik Asmussen
Build, Expand, Automate, and Optimize your own fantasy village in the wilderness using marble-run chutes, railways, running water, magic currents, and conveyor belts.
terminology of the i ching: the meaning of some wordings
Forget Your Middle-Class Dreams
Neal Stephenson - the interview
hackers opensource
NS: For a while I have been nursing the idea that open source software is just the extension of Common Law into the realm of executable code. I daren't think I'm the first person to have thought such a thing, so I did a Google search and found some references to the idea elsewhere. It appears that Michael Tiemann of Cygnus Support (an open source software company) has been thinking along similar lines, and perhaps there are others too. It's certainly the case that commonly used Internet protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP have attained a status akin to that of common law. Assuming one is willing to buy that analogy, then your question boils down to whether the development of this new branch of common law amounts to a heroic purpose. I believe that it is a great purpose and that it can affect society in ways that are more important and far-reaching than heroism in the glorious, swashbuckling sense. It is not, however, glorious and swashbuckling, any more than were all the efforts made by lawyers and magistrates over many centuries to build Common Law. This comes out of the fact that the development of open source software is of necessity a collective enterprise. Unless many people all over the world buy into it, it doesn't get developed, it doesn't get maintained, and it will not be widely adopted. Solitary geniuses need not apply; social and organizational skills are of the essence.
AdrianSchneider/jsonfui: jsonfui is an interactive command-line JSON viewer.
javascript nodejs cli
How and why I use (neo)vim - macwright.org
I saw TextMate go out of style and other contenders enter, and that solidified my decision to stay with vim. The lifecycle of a flashy new text editor is shorter than my intended career track, and I want to invest in tools that will stick around.
The Personal Analytics of My Life—Stephen Wolfram Blog
The matrix.org IRC bridge now bridges all of Freenode!
/join #freenode_#channelname:matrix.org
Polite Technology
The one thing that you cannot do without, that so many people mess up is simply a sentence that clearly describes what it is and what it does. Getting that written gets you most of the way there.
minimaxir/automl-gs: Provide an input CSV and a target field to predict, generate a model + code to run it.
Give an input CSV file and a target field you want to predict to automl-gs, and get a trained high-performing machine learning or deep learning model plus native Python code pipelines allowing you to integrate that model into any prediction workflow.
We support Google: APIs shouldn’t be copyrightable – Points of interest
If APIs are private property that can’t be copied without permission, it would be as if no two checkout systems could use the same form field labels. Everyone would have to find their own way of saying “address” and “city” or buy a license or risk getting sued.
A guide to create a NodeJS command-line package – Netscape – Medium
nodejs cli
skeeto/endlessh: SSH tarpit that slowly sends an endless banner
cli github
Endlessh is an SSH tarpit that very slowly sends an endless, random SSH banner. It keeps SSH clients locked up for hours or even days at a time. The purpose is to put your real SSH server on another port and then let the script kiddies get stuck in this tarpit instead of bothering a real server.
dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible: 📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.
The goal of this book is to document commonly-known and lesser-known methods of doing various tasks using only built-in bash features. Using the snippets from this bible can help remove unneeded dependencies from scripts and in most cases make them faster.
Credder Wants to Create an Equivalent to “Rotten Tomatoes” for News
James Fallows Talks with Bill Burns on Trump, Putin, and Iran - The Atlantic
How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry
In Markoff’s view, it was characterized by a bohemian sensibility that was open to experiments in alternative living arrangements, a disposition to anti-establishment politics (especially opposition to the military-industrial complex and its war in Vietnam), and a willingness to experiment with altered psychic states, especially through ingesting and inhaling certain substances. More fundamentally, in Markoff’s account of the period, what was shared by the hippies and the personal computing pioneers based in and around Stanford was a commitment to transforming the world and the nature of humanity in a fundamental way — bringing about a change that hadn’t come before.
Stewart Brand and the Tools to Make the Whole Earth Better | WIRED
hackers activism inspiration
Surveying the landscape that formed and energized WIRED, you can’t avoid the mythic stuff of Brand: He was one of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, as immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. He worked with Douglas Engelbart on “The Mother of All Demos,” which in 1968 introduced hypertext, email, the mouse. He created the Whole Earth Catalog and its descendants­; he founded CoEvolution Quarterly.
Advice · Patrick Collison
- Don't stress out too much about how valuable the things you're going deep on are... but don't ignore it either. It should be a factor you weigh but not by itself dispositive. - Make friends over the internet with people who are great at things you're interested in. The internet is one of the biggest advantages you have over prior generations. Leverage it.
‘I'm really struggling’: Facing pay cuts, some ride-hailing drivers prepare to strike - Los Angeles Times
While the organizers want to eventually secure a place among the established unions, the focus now is on spreading the word among a diffuse workforce. “This is about person-to-person organizing,” Moore said. One method is through an app they’ve built that matches organizers with drivers who have expressed interest in their campaign. Organizers discuss drivers’ concerns, promote the strike and identify potential leaders. Keodara — who can’t afford to take any time off from driving — said it allows him to stay involved.
Linocutting Exercises for Beginners - Draw Cut Ink Press
I would encourage any beginners out there to practice some of the following exercises that I found in a small book called ‘The Art of Linocutting’, published in 1936 and written by Len A. Doust.
Generating JWT Tokens for App Store Connect API – XCBlog – Medium
As mentioned earlier, JWT is used to generate the token that has been used by App Store Connect API. The process of generating token requires following six details Issuer ID: The ID found on the top of App Store Connect Private Key ID: The ID associated with Private Key on App Store Connect Expiration Time: 20 min maximum, the token cannot be valid more than 20 min so that we have to make sure that, we will create new token before it expires. Audience: This is constant with API version value usually “applestoreconnect-v1” Algorithm: This is JWT algorithm required to generate token e.g ES256
nomic-io/lotion: ✨ Smooth, easy blockchain apps ✨
javascript crypto
Lotion lets you build blockchains. At any moment in time, the whole state of your blockchain is represented by a single JavaScript object called the state. Users will create transactions: JavaScript objects that tell the application how to mutate the blockchain's state. Every user who runs your Lotion app will interact with the same blockchain. Anyone can create a transaction, and it will automagically find its way to everyone else running the app and mutate their state. Everyone's state objects will constantly be kept in sync with each other.
NICAR Doxxing Handout
Question / Help - [SOLVED] Stream my shoutcast stream to youtube??
1) Added new source 2) uncheck local 3) Input was in my case http://streams.justclassicrock.com:8012 4) input format: mp3 5) click ok 6) start streaming.
Vanilla JS Cheatsheet
Free yourself from the chains of jQuery by embracing and understanding the modern Web API and discovering various directed libraries to help you fill in the gaps.
Vim Cheat Sheet
An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.
Creating Livable City Streets
What Appleyard found was that the amount of car traffic on the street dictated how friendly neighbors were with each other, how “at home” people felt in their neighborhood, and how familiar they were with their surroundings.
Emoji Bullet List
Create fancy lists that use emoji for bullet points.
cl github
CLI release tool for Git repos and npm packages. Automate the tedious tasks of software releases. Happily release and publish your Git repositories, npm packages, GitHub & GitLab releases, changelogs, and much more!
Mutt, Gmail and GPG
Crypto people are always dismayed that I don't use signatures - on the face of it I am taking perfectly good Authenticity and throwing it away - an attacker could spoof my email address, send email to someone with whom they know I communicate and then encrypt with that persons key. This is, undeniably, a risk. The thing you should consider, though, is the other side of the coin. Quite simply, if you plan, at any point, to say something in encrypted email that you wouldn't want read out in court, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING EVER. The person you are sending to is about to have a plaintext copy of the communication, where you have undeniably linked the text with your private key. If that message leaks, gets snitched, if the other peer gets owned by HackingTeam (or whatever) then it's more or less Game Over.
Encrypt Your Dog (Mutt and GPG) | Linux Journal
cli howto
set pgp_replyencrypt # now crypt_replyencrypt set pgp_replysign # now crypt_replysign set pgp_replysignencrypted # now crypt_replysignencrypted set pgp_show_unusable=no
Using Keybase with GPG on macOS
GitHub does dotfiles - dotfiles.github.io
Backup, restore, and sync the prefs and settings for your toolbox. Your dotfiles might be the most important files on your machine.
Creating custom URL shortener with Nodejs
javascript nodejs
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet
cheatsheet cli
Good Company on Steam
In Good Company you pursue your dream of being a hands-on tycoon. Start small in your garage, design unique high-tech goods and develop a management system that optimizes production, logistics, and research for you – all while you lead your enterprise to global success.
Voices of Dissent on Israel and Palestine Can’t Be Silenced – LobeLog
Hashcat - Core attack modes
Running Hashcat on Google Cloud's new GPU-based VMs
In February, Google announced the availability GPU-based VMs. Recently, I spun up a few of these instances, and ran some benchmarks. Along the way, I wrote down the steps taken to provision these VM instances, and install relevant drivers. My only use case for GPU-based VMs is cracking (password) hashes, hence the test run with Hashcat.
recon-ng – Good tool for Information Gathering
Recon-ng is a tool written in python mostly used in information gathering with its independent modules, keys list and other modules. This tool is preloaded with lots of modules which use online search engines, plugins and API which can help in gathering the information of the target.
Marshmallow Recipe
cooking recipe
davidshimjs/qrcodejs: Cross-browser QRCode generator for javascript
QRCode.js is javascript library for making QRCode. QRCode.js supports Cross-browser with HTML5 Canvas and table tag in DOM. QRCode.js has no dependencies.
mafintosh/hypercore: Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log.
Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log. Built for sharing large datasets and streams of real time data as part of the Dat project.
Officials: Middletown fire lieutenant leader of drug ring; 29 charged - News - recordonline.com - Middletown, NY
ifttt facebook
The Cameraman’s Revenge a.k.a. the one with the bugs

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