NYC’s Climate March

News cameras cover the front of the march as volunteers in vests clear the way
“Cool kids saving a hot planet”
“Wake up!” – Cops mill around as the march pauses for a moment
“Exxon guilty for murder” – Concerned young faces shaded by protest signs held aloft
“Global climate strike” “We will not be silent” “Youth rise up” “Later is too late” – a noisy contingent of the climate march chants as they wave their plentiful signs
“There is no planet B”
A pair of young protesters leads the crowd in a chant before the police can come to shoo them off the garbage cans
“The planet isn’t dying it’s being killed”
“You’ve made middle schoolers angry / You’ve crossed the line”
Three young women lead a contingent of scientists in the climate march
People and signs filled the New York streets on a hot September day
“Green new deal”
New York’s Climate Strike March passes by as the Freedom Tower shines in the background