September 21, 2019
NYC’s Climate March
In which the youths march through the street with extremely clever signs since they are too young to riot
August 18, 2019
Linocut Printing Guide
In which the author explains his reasoning for exploring analog methods of distributing information with ink and linoleum, and provides a guide on how to do so yourself if so inclined
August 15, 2019
Hong Kong Protest Techniques
In which the citizens of Hong Kong find new creative ways to improve on public disobedience
August 05, 2019
Two Reasons
In which the author discloses a peculiar and dysfunctional part of his mind.
June 14, 2019
Taking things for granted
In which the author attempts to dissuade you from the belief things will always be the way they are now
June 13, 2019
Movies to Watch
In which the author divulges a shameful secret
June 12, 2019
Step Zero
In which the author makes the case for the merits of a certain approach to preparation
March 25, 2019
Attempting to find unsecured ICE cameras
In which the author attempts and fails to find interesting unsecured webcams near known ICE facilities
February 01, 2019
The Internet Was Built To Be Hacked
In which the author is grateful for the hackers who invented the internet