Tanner Smiling

When going through all of my old photos to put together this photoblog, I realized that I had a disturbingly large amount of photos of Tanner. I think this is a testament to him. He is consistently doing awesome shit, he’s aware of what makes a good photo, and he’s just fucking photogenic. So here I am with like 10,000 photos of Tanner. I’m pretty sure at some point he will be really famous and this will all seem a little less crazy.

This photo of Tanner floating in the Neversink is one of my favorite photos ever. I am incredibly proud of it.


We were swimming in the river and come across a dead tree stretched out across the river. I climbed out with my relatively new camera and shot directly downward as Tanner floated below. I love how the sun catches his face.


I recorded a short piece with Tanner about how the farm we worked at dealt with some missing chickens. It was my first attempt at a narrative audio story.


A film double-exposure of Tanner sitting in the camp kitchen and the woods that surround the farm.


One time some friends were hanging out at the farm and Tanner was sitting looking out at the fields and the cows and the stars practicing guitar. I recorded this cover of Two Zero Two, and it’s a recording that I’ve returned to year after year.

Tanner's Garage-7