I was lucky to live in an area where I could see live music a lot. My parents would drop me off and I would bob my head enthusiastically, and eventually grew into doing that behind a camera. I knew that I was witnessing something unique. These are some of my favorite photos from thousands I took going to shows.

Big Orange Bonanza Day 1-63

A lot of these photos are from shows organized by Gabriel Jasmine at Townley Hall in Circleville New York. He booked Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Alternative Rock from the Tri-State area. Gabe and the shows he threw were instrumental in shaping my musical taste, and my love for live music. It didn’t hurt that I learned to skank there either. Being able to fit in with familiar faces week after week, across different venues, was crucial for me as a weirdo teenager. The tremendous influence these shows had on me is shown in the number of photos I took, the ones here are such a small portion.


Last Townley Hall Show-60Big Orange Bonanza Day 1-22


Brian at Townley


This photo of Jeremy having water poured over his head as he plays is one of my favorite photos.

Naked Citizens Last Show-12
Naked Citizens Last Show-15

I took a bunch of photos at the opening of Sounds Asylum in downtown Middletown, freshly painted green. The crowd was excited to have a new place to see bands and everyone was dialed up to 10. It was a great night.

Sounds Asylum 2010-10-21-1
Townley Hall-47 Townley Show-3 DSC_1464 Last Townley Hall Show-17 Big Orange Bonanza-5
Big Orange Bonanza-46
Big Orange Bonanza-33 Big Orange Bonanza-12 Big Orange Bonanza-4

The last bands were playing their sets, and we were hanging out in the back smoking cigarettes. This girl saw my camera and asked to go through my photos. Before we said goodbye she took this photo of herself. This was one of the first selfies I had ever seen. It would not be the last.

Big Orange Bonanza-16