Max and Adrienne at Lake Waywayanda


I grew up in Orange County, New York. Some call it Upstate. People who are from Northern New York don’t like it when we call ourselves upstate. They call us Downstate. But I digress. The point is it’s the country and it’s boring. Beautiful and boring, so I took pictures whenever I could. I was lucky to be surrounded by tons of cool people to help with that.

Lots of time was spent hanging out in the woods or driving around late at night both avoiding and looking for trouble.


If I was in my car, my camera was on my passenger seat. A lot of photos were taken out the window when the light was good or some deer made an appearance.



We spent a lot of time with nothing to do, which naturally leads into hanging out on the internet. 4chan has been around forever, and it’s crazy to see it impact culture now. It was just another way we killed time back then. This photo is my friend Colin pulling up something to show me.


I think this is a great photo of Pete because this is a perfect expression of how charismatic and entertaining he was during every single interaction you had with him however mundane. We had driven to a friends house following his Mustang with the POPTARTZ license plate and did some post-midnight swimming.


Adrienne isn’t always drinking, she’s just really photogenic with a beer in her hand. She would always organize the best trips, and all the counselors at the camp we worked at would pile into her car for a fun adventure.

One summer, after camp had come and gone, she was house-sitting in Pine Bush. We all joined her for the week or so. Peter, Max, Eevee, and I hung out, helped with the chores, and played with the kitten. We had nothing to do but enjoy the outdoors and it will forever be remembered as one of the best weeks of my life.

We all live in Pine Bush now-13 We all live in Pine Bush now-2
We all live in Pine Bush now-11 Summer 09 Film Scans-15

The KeziaLain farm.


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