In response to the seemingly unending occurrence of black men being shot by the police, New Yorkers took to the streets. The shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in such quick succession outraged New Yorkers who again marched to call for change. People turned out in cities across the US including Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Oakland.

The New York #blacklivesmatter march began in Union Square, and thousands of protesters marched up 5th Ave to Times Square, where I caught up with them.



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People were sitting in the middle of 7th Ave and 42nd Street, in the middle of Times Square, chanting “Black lives matter”, “Hands up don’t shoot”, and “Whose streets? Our streets!”. The police issued a dispersal order over loudspeaker, which I had seen in Oakland before, but never before in NYC.


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After about 15 minutes the police began moving in and making arrests.

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As I left an NYPD helicopter circled above Times Square, the sounds of it’s blades chopping the air ringing down through the buildings.


I can’t believe that we have to keep doing this. I hope that all of the people in the cities across the US who turned out to show #blacklivesmatter can make some change. People are fed up. People are tired of being ignored. You can feel that this country is reaching a boiling point.